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Use your language to empower yourself and to communicate successfully

Workshop in Vienna together with Dr. Blanka Bellak and Mag. Inge Tolson 

Join us for a 2-day workshop on replacing self-sabotaging communication and behaviour programs with new patterns supporting your personal and professional growth. After this workshop, you will be able to use your language to empower yourself and to communicate successfully.

The workshop blends elements of personal self-discovery, practical skills and leadership strategies to master challenges in and out of professional settings. Reflect on your experiences and learn techniques to replace mental models and behavioural programs that prevent you from achieving your goals.
This workshop is for you if you are:
  • Looking for a greater resilience, and agility in a challenging workplace
  • Seeking to improve your leadership and communication competencies
Learn more and register
Early Bird pricing ends on August 15th and special pricing applies for participants of previous events organized by Leadership Associates.

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