I look forward to accompanying you on your journey to your true greatness and your wonderful life! The very first step is an invisible, yet indispensable one. It is the belief in oneself and in one’s manifold possibilities. This belief opens the door to one's source of strength, power, love, wisdom, creativity and intuition and the doors to the hearts of others and the great and infinite opportunities, wonders and possibilities of life.


Rapid Transformation Therapy™

Already with one RTT session you will experience a significant improvement. The root causes behind your problems dissolve and you experience and see changes. Your dreams and wishes for sustainable happiness, love, health and prosperity receive a real chance of fulfillment.

Successful language and communication

Everything you are, have and experience has to do with your communication and language. You are always communicating - with yourself and with others. Speak a language that strengthens, inspires, encourages, expands, connects, and brings out the best in you and others.


For many successful people it is natural to get professional support on the way to success or out of crisis. With coaching you can not only achieve professional goals, but also personal goals, intentions and dreams more easily and better.


Working with Inge was a privilege. In Inge I found a wonderful person full of compassion and empathy. With Inge’s masterful guidance, I was able to access deep memories, where my sabotaging and limiting beliefs lurked. Thanks to her loving and insightful support I was able to put in their place positive affirmations full of love and peace. Rapid transformational therapy, the method Inge chose for our work, has been incredibly effective and gentle. Do not wait to work with Inge!

Blanka B.  PhD

Dear Inge,
Thanks again for everything. It was a total coincidence that I came to you. Before that, I never really wanted to accept help because I always thought I could do it alone. As I was with you, you literally opened my eyes. I suddenly saw the world very differently. I came to the conclusion that many things were crucial in childhood. And now I also know where to start to have a fuller and happier life. There are still many things I want to work on, but you have brought me a long way. So thank you. I really appreciate your work and you as a person.

Elisa K.

Meandering paths led to Inge. I’ve believed all my life so far that certain things are set in stone. So I have just accepted that I couldn’t manage to get my act together and was treated badly by many people. When it became unbearable for me, I separated myself from these people because I saw that as the only solution. But that did not make me any better, because other people took their place, and nothing changed.
With Inge, I felt at once well and safe. She guided me through hypnotherapy with her great knowledge and excellent empathy. The result is that a frustrated, impotent person became a self-confident, energetic woman, and everything I tackle succeeds. And the best thing is that every day since then I am being embraced by dear people and I too embrace many dear people in this world.
I thank you from my heart and hug you, dear Inge!

Gudrun D. 

Gudrun Deutschmann

Dear Inge!
There were often hard times in my life or days full of fear, which made my life very difficult. From feeling unwell to real panic attacks. I took antidepressants so that I was better and I could live normally – until I came across you.
You gave my life back to me.
You gave me courage.
You gave me self-confidence and strength.
Approximately a good week after my visit with you, I was free of pills. I would like to thank you again for everything and also encourage other people who have problems to confide in you and accept your help. I am infinitely grateful.
Cornelia S.

Cornelia S.


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