My Philosophy

Everyone is important. Everyone is unique. Everyone is loveable. Everyone is significant and can create meaningful things. It starts by believing in oneself and liking oneself. And not only when something works well, but especially in difficult situations. It means to begin to love oneself unconditionally. This is a high goal and yet a path that leads to freedom and more love for others and for life.

Thoughts and words are powerful
Thoughts and words are a reality which create your reality.

Your thoughts are powerful. Many people know and experience this. However, many think that they cannot influence and direct their thoughts. Yes, that is also a thought that works and applies when someone thinks so. You cannot control much of your life (the weather, the processes in your body, the behavior of others, etc.), but you can control your thoughts. You can learn to observe your thoughts, because what you are aware of, you can consciously change and direct. You can decide what you want to think. You can decide what you want to focus on and focus on your attention and energy. When you notice that you are thinking something you do not want, then let those thoughts move on immediately, without getting involved with them and continuing to think about them. Instead, you consciously return to positive, creative and constructive thoughts that you want to think.
Often you may not even notice what you think. This happens easily because 90% of the approximately 60,000 to 70,000 daily thoughts are unconscious. Then pay attention to your feelings. Your emotional state provides information about your thoughts. If you experience stressful emotions such as anger, jealousy, fear, resentment, inferiority, helplessness, etc., then you have certainly thought negative or destructive thoughts.
You can change your emotional state by, for example, consciously and intensely thinking about what you are thankful for in your life. You think about all the things you have in your life, but cannot buy with money. The sublime feeling of gratitude will come and lead to other sublime emotions such as joy, love and so on. Sublime, loving and thankful feelings lead to positive and constructive thoughts, just as positive and good thoughts lead to good feelings. It is your thoughts that, together with your language and your actions, create your life.
Are your beliefs and thoughts good and useful?
Beliefs, opinions and beliefs are not right or wrong in themselves. The question is if your beliefs are useful to you. Do they help to implement and live your intentions, wishes and goals? Because that’s what matters.
Unfortunately, many people spend more time planning their home or their vacation than realizing what they want to be, experience and share in their lives. What do you want and why do you want that? What are your intentions? It is these questions that call your attention inward. Because you will not find the answers on the outside, but inside, your heart or soul.
The more you then align your outer actions with your inner desires, dreams and goals, the greater and more sustainable your happiness and your experience of meaning and meaning will be.
The power of conscious intentions
I am convinced of the extraordinary power and effectiveness of intentions. They are like guiding stars that help us stay on track and see the bigger picture.

Here is an example: My intention for each encounter is that communication is a real dialogue and I respect, understand and appreciate others and that we spend a good and fruitful time together. It does not matter if it is a friendly or a business meeting. It is always about people who want to be perceived in their being and doing. With this intention, it is much easier for me to give up challenging things in challenging conversations and to perceive how the other person is doing and what he needs. I can be present, open and clear and accept the other’s opinion as it is. A different opinion has its place just as well as my opinion. My intention is like a navigation system that supports my request and leads my way to the goal.
The Force of Habit
It is our habits that have more power than we may realize. If they are good and constructive habits, then they are helpful and beneficial. If they are unhealthy, restrictive and bad for us, then it is good to say goodbye to them. That’s easier said than done, you might think. That’s right and yet it is possible and not so difficult. Provided that you want that and do not think and say that it is impossible!

Many think in terms of habits mainly in behavior and actions. But our thoughts and emotional states are also habits. All habitual actions are preceded by habitual thoughts. People are used to their thoughts and feelings, both positive and negative. Surely you also know people who are constantly angry about something or complain about their situation or the situation of the world. They are used to their emotional cocktail of anger, frustration, stress, tension, powerlessness and so on. Even their body is used to the permanent release of certain chemical substances.

Albert Einstein said that it is a form of madness to always do the same and expect new results. You need new steps and new habits in thinking, feeling and acting, if you want to create and experience something new.

There’s the sticking point. When the first enthusiasm subsides and does not soon show visible results, many give up. Why is it hard to keep intentions? There is an explanation for this that has to do with the way our brain works.

The new is unfamiliar and not yet familiar. It is new and unknown. And that’s why it’s often uncomfortable at first. We do not yet know what it will be and what will result. This leads to insecurity, doubts or fear. Because with the new, we leave the familiar comfort zone that we know and in which we feel safe. Our brain loves the familiar. In the familiar we feel safe, even if it is not good for us and we intuitively know that the real life begins outside the comfort zone.

Happiness and success with good habits

How do we change habits in thinking, speaking and acting? These are the three areas that determine our lives. We focus on thinking positively and constructively. We practice learning to have sublime emotions. This includes gratitude, love and joy. We practice speaking a language that strengthens, acknowledges and encourages us and others. These include powerful and engaging words and images that inspire and strengthen us and our motivation. We act in a new way. Success and happiness are based on good habits.

With a clear intention and perseverance, old, constricting and harmful habits become unfamiliar and new, useful and liberating habits are used.
The investment is worthwhile. You will be rewarded with the life you have always wanted.


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